Helpful Tips for Homeowners – September 2017

  • Summer vacation is over and school is back in session!  Did you remember to complete routine home maintenance while you were enjoying the break?  Here are a few simple reminders to get you back on schedule!
    • check and replace your furnace filter
    • schedule a routine inspection and cleaning for your furnace by a qualified technician (preferably the original installer)
    • test and clean your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
    • check and repair interior caulking in kitchens and baths (be especially mindful of caulking around sinks, tubs and showers)
    • remove and clean the cover on all bath fans to ensure optimum air flow and performance
    • test your sump pump to ensure it is working properly (this should be done at least once per month or more often if there has been a significant amount of rainfall)
    • test and reset all interior and exterior GFI’s
    • repair missing caulking around the exterior of your home (remember to check all windows and vents)
    • check eaves troughs for buildup of debris, dirt, leaves, birds nests and clear away any potential obstructions.
    • remove excess dryer lint from your exterior vent
    • continue to run your dehumidifier to maintain an optimum RH throughout your home (35-40% is optimum for this time of year)
    • clean your window and sliding door tracks and screens from the dust accumulation that typically occurs over the spring and summer months
    • remember to check with your municipality for special yard waste collection dates and procedures

If you have any questions or concerns about fall maintenance and winter preparations for your new home, please feel free to contact a member of our Customer Care Team at any time!

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