Helpful Tips for Homeowners – November 2017

  • Get ready for it!  The snow will be here soon, and that means it’s going to be chilly as winter slowly sets in!  While your furnace is starting to run more regularly, try to maintain appropriate humidity levels in your home.  The key factor is to find a happy medium.  Not too humid, not too dry. While you want to minimize moisture in your home, you also want to ensure that you prevent the premature drying out of materials. Always try to maintain normal values, which range between 35% to 40% RH.  Keep window coverings open as much as possible to allow airflow and keep those bath fans running!  Condensation is a tell tale sign that your home is too humid.  If you are experiencing condensation on your windows, try to reduce your humidity levels and ensure that you wipe it up immediately to prevent mold growth and water damage on your window trim.  Remember, your home is new!  This means that the materials within your home are still drying out and leaching moisture into the air.  Just because winter is around the corner doesn’t mean that you have to turn your dehumidifier off!
  • It’s not too late!  If you haven’t already scheduled an annual inspection of your furnace with a certified HVAC technician, there’s still time!   Don’t be left in the cold because of improper maintenance.
  • Check your dryer duct for lint build up.  Not only does lint build up make your dryer motor labour more than required, it also poses a serious fire hazard.  Pull your dryer away from the wall, remove the vent/duct clamp and clear out any lint.  Hint – a shop vac comes in very handy for this task.  Remember to use caution when reinstalling the dryer so as not to push on the exhaust vent.  This can cause the vent termination to disrupt the exterior caulking and/or cause a small ‘bow’ in your siding.
  • Installing Christmas lights on the exterior of your home?  Remember to test and reset your interior and exterior GFI outlets at the same time!

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