Helpful Tips for Homeowners – March 2017

  • The snow will be melting soon!  Continue to clear snow and ice away from the foundation of your home, ensuring that all exhaust vents, intakes, window wells and cold cellar vents are clear.  Even if you have done landscaping around your home (including the sides, rear or porch area) try to clear snow from around the foundation walls of the cold cellar to avoid water absorption.  Proactive maintenance will help to avoid a high water concentration around your home, and possible water penetration into the basement – which may not be covered by your Tarion Statutory Warranty.
  • Try to reduce condensation in your home!  Keep those dehumidifiers running in newer homes!  The goal is to achieve a relative humidity between 35-40%.  Remember to run bath fans, range hood exhausts, and keep heavy window coverings (thick curtains, blinds and shutters) open slightly to allow for optimum airflow.  Check your windows daily and wipe up any excess condensation right away.  It is important to note that condensation on windows is normal during even moderate temperature fluctuations.
  • Going out of town for March Break?  Here are some suggestions to help safeguard and maintain your home while you are away:
    • Install timers on lamps and televisions in several areas of your home and set them to come on at varied times to create the illusion that someone is home.
    • Temporarily stop newspaper delivery while you are away, and ask a neighbour to collect any flyers that may be left on your front porch or in your mailbox.  Accumulated flyers and newspapers are a tell tale sign that you are away.
    • Don’t forget to take out all the trash for garbage day (or ask someone to do it for you if you are leaving more than a day before your pick up date), but do remember to ask a neighbour to bring in the garbage cans and recycling and green bins for you.
    • Have a neighbour park an extra vehicle in your driveway if possible.
    • For lengthy trips, it may be wise to have a security system installed if you haven’t done so already.  If you do have a system installed already – don’t forget to call the monitoring company to inform them of your plans and provide alternate contacts.
    • Provide a key and/or alarm code to a neighbour or friend and ensure that you have someone checking in on your home regularly as this is not only a best practice, but also a requirement of most insurance companies and condominium corporations.  Please ensure that you check with both (where applicable) to ensure that you are following the proper protocols.
    • It is okay to lower the thermostat for your furnace a degree or two, but do not set it too low as this could cause a multitude of problems not only to the plumbing and mechanics of your home, but to the finishing materials as well.
    • Now for the most obvious – ensure that all windows and doors are properly closed and locked.  It only takes one overlooked window to become an easy point of entry into the home.

And now for the most important tip of all…have a safe and happy March break!

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