Helpful Tips for Homeowners – February 2018

*Remember to check your sump pump often; particularly after a rain event or large amounts of snow have melted.  To check your pump, pour water into the pit using a pitcher or pail until it fills to the top of the float.  The pump should then begin to function.  If it doesn’t, please contact your Customer Care Team for further information/instructions.

*Ensure that you regularly take a walk around the perimeter of your home to ensure that exhaust vents, intakes, cold cellar vents and window wells are clear of snow at all times.

*Remember to check and change your furnace filters on a regular basis for the optimum performance of your furnace.  Check your furnace manual to see if the manufacturer recommends a specific type of filter for your particular model.  It is also important to remember that the “expected lifespan” and the actual lifespan of any filter based on the manufacturer’s recommendations can vary from one home to another based on many interior factors in your home, so a visual inspection is essential.

*This winter has presented weather of varying types with temperatures warmer than in more recent years, but along with that we have experienced more frequent and significant snowfall events as well as much more rain and freezing rain.  As a result of this, we have also seen numerous freeze/thaw situations, particularly on very sunny days.  It is imperative to maintain the integrity of concrete porch tops, slabs and walkways by resisting the urge to use the traditional form of rock salt as a de-icing agent.  Try an alternative such as sand, urea, or calcium chloride.  Did you know that in a pinch, a solution of vinegar and hot water will work just as effectively as any other de-icing agent?  These products are far less likely to cause the pitting of concrete surfaces than traditional rock salt.  Remember that the use of rock salt can void warranties due to the exterior deterioration of concrete surfaces that these substances cause.  Additionally, with the frequency of thaw and freeze cycles noted, ice damming has increased significantly throughout the region.  Roof melt pucks are a great alternative to electric cables and are very easy to use.  These products are readily available at most hardware stores.

If you have any questions regarding winter home maintenance for your home, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Customer Care team at any time.

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