Helpful Tips for Homeowners – April 2017

  • With the wet Spring months upon us, it is extremely important that you remember to check your sump pump often; particularly after a major snow melt and/or rain event has occurred. To check your pump, pour a pitcher of water into the pit until it fills to the float level and the pump should automatically come on.  Additionally, remember to always keep your window wells free of any debris, snow and ice to ensure that proper drainage occurs.
  • Try to reduce condensation in your home!  Keep those dehumidifiers running in newer homes!  The goal is to achieve a relative humidity between 35-40%.  Remember to run bath fans, range hood exhausts, and keep heavy window coverings (thick curtains, blinds and shutters) open slightly to allow for optimum airflow.  Check your windows daily and wipe up any excess condensation right away.  It is important to note that condensation on windows is normal during even moderate temperature fluctuations.
  • Think Spring!  If you are already planning your landscaping, remember to map out both your live and hard goods on paper before you start to purchase and install materials. Research plant materials prior to purchasing them to see how large they grow, what spacing is required, how much maintenance will they require, are they invasive “foundation root clingers”, what type of sun/shade exposure they do best in etc…  Remember that landscaping should be installed to conform with the grading of your lot to ensure that water drains away from the foundation of your home.  It is also imperative that you hold off on completing any landscaping, building sheds, decks and fences, or installing pools until City engineers have approved the final grading of your lot. If you are unsure if your lot has been approved, feel free to contact a member of our Customer Care Team.
  • It’s also time to start thinking about lawn maintenance for existing lawns.  Consider using a good quality lawn fertilizer to give your lawn a good start to the season.  Choose a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen to give your lawn the nutrients it needs as it comes out of its dormant winter state.  Remember to use a slow release formula for sod that was installed late last summer or in the fall.  This will ensure optimum performance and results.
  • The birds are back in town and looking for new accommodations!  Ensure that you are doing routine checks of the exterior of your home.  Carefully examine all exhaust vents/vent flaps for any damaged or missing flaps.  Birds are very crafty and have the ability to pull off vent flaps to allow for easy access into the ducting in your home to create a new home of their own!  Should you find that they have managed to make their way in, wait until the nest is empty and it is recommended that you install a metal cage over the vents. These are readily available at most hardware stores and they do deter our feathered friends from setting up shop!

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